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of fairfax. police say a man has barricaded himself in a parking garage for the fairfax county courthouse. this is on page avenue. >> reporter: we're just a few blocks away from the scene, hopefully we'll be there quite shortly. there is a large police presence around the courthouse from this barricade situation. police right now are not providing a lot of details about what is happening at this point, but i have been able to confirm in a police spokesperson that there's a person on the top of that parking garage, of the fairfax county courthouse. this happen right around 3:30 in the afternoon. and that turned into a barricade situation where police are there trying to figure out what is going on with this individual, trying to get this person out of there safely. we have heard reports that the man may be armed with a gun and we're trying to get that confirmed with police. again, i spoke to a police spokesperson on the phone, but when i asked about whether the person was armed in particular detail, he said he was still working to try to get those details. but there were initial reports th
rains are moving into areas like prince william, fairfax, southern loudoun county right now and another line from hagerstown. we start on live doppler 9000 hd and you can see this is getting closer and closer to d.c.. i think later this hour, maybe 6:30, 7:00, this is going to be on top of the washington metro. out to the west though, this is where we're going. by the way very warm this morning. we've got low 60s in spots and this is helping to fuel the heavy showers from warrenton to the west of culpeper now. all moving northeast at about 60 miles an hour: so we've been watching this as it's now sneaking in toward western fairfax, southern loudoun counties. hay market, gainesville, this is headed your way. and another line of some very heavy rains pushing through areas from hagerstown now. look at this stuff just east of winchester, headed toward charlestown and harpers ferry and maybe frederick in the next hour. watch out for that this morning. we turn colder this afternoon. beverly farmer? >>> yes and we've already got problems headed to downtown. still dealing with the
>>> tonight at 11:00, it's over. after six hours, a standoff outside the fairfax county courthouse has come to an end. good evening, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. that standoff included threats from a man who said he had weapons. police took him into custody, but they were worried about what he might have left behind. darcy with the latest on this developing story. >> that man was taken into custody about an hour and a half ago, but police officials literally cleared the scene just minutes ago. the investigation was taking place in a garage behind the massey building. the bomb squad was brought in to mange sure he didn't have any weapons in his car. it was a barricade atop a parking garage in the fairfax county courthouse. >> the negotiators were able to convince the subject to surrender, which he did. >> police received a call ooirt from the suicidal man or his family members around 3:30 saturday afternoon. police located him in the car. negotiators were called in to talk him out. >> he made some vague threats about harming anyone who may approach the vehicle, but obviously air n
, fairfax county, the low teens, mid teens in prince george's county. upper teens in washington and right near the bay. throughout the bay, we'll have quite a bit of sun. we'll have clouds on the increase. right now mostly clear throughout much of the region. we have a few streaks of light in our sky. the meteor shower, the quadrantid is on its way. take a few minutes to look at the sky. you might be excited by a streak of light moving through. by noontime upper 20s. low 30s during the afternoon with increasing clouds. a look at your evening planner in ten minutes. here's a look at traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. >>> chopper 4 is over i-66 and nutley. if you're traveling i-66 eastbound around sully road, you are starting to slow down just a bit. i'm not seeing major delays at all as you make your way towards nutley. not seeing any accident between the bypass and the beltway on 66 in either direction. looking pretty good at this time. traveling i-95 northbound, definitely hitting the brakes at fairfax county parkway. your first set of delays start at prince william parkway
constellations are twinkling bright limit it's down into the teens in prince george's county. arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties and much of the region in the teens. the blue ridge, northern neck into the mid 20s as well as the eastern shore. have some clouds closing in from the west, those will be moving in towards us during the day with highs around 40 degrees. evening planner in 20 minutes. here's a look at traffic. good morning, danella. >> the beltway, no issues for you. 66 looks good. 395 looks good. not seeing a lot of issues. the big problem this morning is on new york avenue, heading towards montana avenue. the water main break is slowing you down and causes you problems. tracee wilkins is here live now with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. let me show you what it's looking like out here. all of that white stuff over there on new york avenue, that's all of the salt that they're packing down on this road to deal with this water main break and the effects of it. you can see the salt truck is still laying that salt down to try to make this an easier commute for folks. lo
is light rain. a bit of light rain in fairfax county, arlington, the district, now moving into southern montgomery county. and east of washington, prince gor george's county getting a few sprinkles. further south and west getting a few sprinkles south of warrenton in southern fauquier county. we're all above freezing. we will stay above freezing this morning. sunrise 7:19. occasional light showers this morning, then a greater chance of steadier rain moving in the later part of the afternoon. highs reaching the low 50s this afternoon. a mild evening coming up. a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic. >> i am seeing some sprinkles on the roadways but no problems for you. volume is light, and at that time no real accidents at all. taking the beltway, this is a look at the beltway at university boulevard. you can see volume is light on the inner loop and outer loop of the beltway. travel speeds, really good at 56 miles per hour. if you cross over the wilson bridge and head into virginia this is a look at van dorn street. the beltway in virginia, your issu
. >>> and then we take a closer look at northern virginia and fairfax county. >>> paula deen reveals she has been keeping her diabetes a secret for years. >>> and then the hysteria sweeping across our areas in unusual way. >>> and then oh, those shoes are amazing. i just want to be her. really? she was married for like three hours. well, she's efficient. look at that color. wait a minute. didn't she name her kid hawaii? maui! yeah... she built a yacht for her pug. actually, it was a lakehouse. yeah, he's right. this heel is so fabulous. mine. look at that. cute. she was here once. what? she had toes like a sloth. really? ew. when it's on your mind, it's on ebay. >>> it is the second wealthiest county and third wealthiest jurisdiction in the states, but fairfax county is facing a troubling trend. the number of children living in poverty is on the rise and that can lead to everything from more violence to long-term health problems. and tonight we have details. jane? >> reporter: well, aaron, the virginia numbers are surprising. the unemployment rate in the state is so low, but since the economic do
about cancellations for tomorrow. we're told all fairfax county public schools activities are cancel tomorrow. all charles county schools activities are cancelled, prince georges county school activities are delayed until noon. i'm sure people who may be driving tonight want to know we're at duke street in alexandria, the roads look fine, lots of snow plows out, certainly this is the beginning of what we have been talking about all day. back to you in the studio. >> jackie benson, thanks, jacks. the same system dumped several inches of snow, 700 flights cancelled in chicago. snow covered roads in iowa and city of davenport saw six inches. veronica johnson will tell us what we're going to see. it doesn't look like a whole lot. >> it will pile up fast. took so long for it to fall but the air was dry. we're seeing pockets of moderate snow as you saw with the reports from shomari stone and jackie benson we're looking at road crews hitting the area but secondary roads where they may have issues and where it will be slick. getting reports hurndon, most of the accidents i'm seeing on twitte
another fight over a treehouse in fairfax county, what the county says this dad did that was against the rules. >>> but first architecture or teaching, what a new study says college students should choose as a major to help make sure they can get a job next. >>> 9 traffic now is brought to you by geico. >>> two airlines already raising ticket prices now that the new european rules on carbon emissions are in effect. delta airlines is adding six bucks per round trip ticket from any flight from the u.s. to europe. as of sunday, all flights in and out of the eu have to purchase credits to offset carbon emissions from their flights. >>> some college students could pay a price literally for choosing the wrong major. georgetown university released a new study today breaking down unemployment rates of recent college grads by their major. now those with an undergraduate degree in architecture had the highest unemployment rate at 13.9%. art majors were next at 11.0% followed by the humanities at 9.4%, grad with health or education degrees had the lowest jobless rate. >>> the state of maryland
's counties and points south in southern fairfax county to prince william and into stafford and spotsylvania from warrenton to fredericksburg getting sprinkles, waldorf, leonardtown, calvert, the area is getting a little light rain. that's going to continue off and on through the morning. pavement will be wet. allow yourself extra time. no doubt it's fender-bender weather. we had slick spots out of the mountains earlier. back around midnight or so and 2:00 a.m. then began to get above freezing even out there. so still may be a few lingering slick spots way out in the mountains. watch out for that. right now in the 40s elsewhere. later today, we'll climb to near 60 degrees this afternoon with occasional showers. a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. here's traffic, good morning. >>> good morning, we have a serious crash along route 50 as you head west. all of the westbound lanes are blocked at 424/davisonville road. it will be a slow trip. crews are hoping to clear the accident around 6:00 a.m. for you if you're traveling 50 westbound at 424, it's better for you just to use as an alte
, fairfax,al ton, prince george's counties, 51 is rather cool with a bit of a breeze coming off of the cold waters of the potomac. reagan national airport. elsewhere, we are into the mid 50s and do have some high clouds drifting over us coming in from the west-southwest. they will be with us off and on during the afternoon. otherwise quite a bit of sun through the high cloudiness and light breezes out of the southwest around 5 to 15. record high for the day is 71 set this date 1916. not quite that warm at reagan national with any breeze off the river. lit keep it colder there. elsewhere we should be making it into the mid and upper 60s. especially upper 60s just to the south of washington. those areas around culpeper they could get near 70 degree this afternoon. i will show you the forecast. big changes on the way important the end of the week coming up. >> we are going to put our coats away probably not a good idea, though. >> temporarily. >> thank you, tom. >>> and let's check in on the midday traffic and see how things are moving. sheer danella sealock. >> if you are taking the rails tod
batch of rain about to approach the metro area. another one coming in to prince william and fairfax county now. just now crossing the potomac into charles county. that will be moving into the district over the next half hour. right now all about freezing, upper 30s and low 40s. we will hold steady here for another couple hours then climb into the 50s this afternoon with occasional showers. a look at your evening planner in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic. good morning. >>> good morning. travel speeds looking good in the area. traveling on 50, heading westbound from 301 to the beltway, you're at 64 miles per hour. if you're traveling on the dulles toll road, eastbound from hunter mill road to the beltway, 56 miles per hour. i-66 looking good as well, eastbound fairfax county parkway to the beltway, 62 minneapolis. rails are open with no reported delays. joe, over to you. >>> thank you very much. today major changes are come together department of defense. leon panetta will announce huge cuts to the defense budget as part of president obama's restructuring plan. as many as
'm julie carey in richmond, virginia. last year's furor in fairfax county over school discipline practices is now in the general assembly spotlight. coming up i'll take a look at an effort to require schools to tell parents when their kids are in big trouble. >>> and a northern virginia man has a big story to tell after a fishing trip. stay wit ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] combine a pnc cashbuilder visa credit card with a pnc performance select checking account and get up to 1.75% cash back for just about every purchase. learn more and apply today at pnc bank. for the achiever in you. >>> a secret service agent says he gets goose bumps after watching john hinckley jr. during one of his recent trips to williamsburg, virginia. in court today the agent testified hinckley became momentarily fixated on a book about ronald reagan while in williamsburg at a book store. hinckley shot reagan back in 1981. he's been in a psychiatric hospital but is seeking the freedom to eventually move into his mother's house in williamsburg. prosecutors are fighting that. they say he is still a
away. the ravens disappointing loss to the patriots. >> a mystery at a fairfax county lake has boaters delighted and ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' a sunny day ♪ ♪ sunny day ♪ ♪ i'm feelin', feelin' the taste i crave ♪ ♪ subway ♪ ♪ i'm makin' it, makin' it how i like ♪ ♪ it's meant to be ♪ ♪ i'm feelin' subway ♪ ♪ i♪'m feelin' subway today ♪ [ male announcer ] hey, capital area! are you feelin' subway®? then heat up your day with the big hot pastrami melt! it's fresesh toasted and piled-high with pastrami then topped with pickles mustard, and cheese. head into a subway® restaurant today for this melty mouthwatering sub! ♪ i'm feelelin' subway ♪ ♪ let's go ♪ >> and another body has been recovered from that crippled the italian cruise liner. divers found the body of a woman earlier today. the woman was wearing a life vest. today's recovery brings the death toll to 13, with 19 people still missing. only eight of the 13 bodies had been identified. a key player in the o.j. simpson murder investigation is de
out there. coming up, an alert for parents in fairfax county. what police are saying about a series of suspicious events at an elementary school. [ male announcer ] meet lafayette. we asked him to be part of an experiment to prove that febreze air effects can eliminate tough cooking odors. [ moderator ] take a deep breath and then tell me what you smell. wow. it takes you kinda to like an island. like a paradise. [ sniffs ] vanilla. [ sniffs ] i smell caramel like a caramel candy. [ moderator ] go ahead and take your blindfold off. ah man. ♪ ♪ [ laughs ] wow man! [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] eliminate tough odors with febreze air effects so you can breathe happy guaranteed. ♪ ♪ >> it is 4:45. a bethesda mother and left a six-year old home alone while she went to a kick boxing class. the child try to make something in the toaster and the smoke detector went off. the child was not hurt. david rubin's been is -- david rubenstein is donating the money to finish at the washington monument. the republican with a dental candidates are facing off one last
freedom. someone brought the tree house to fairfax county's attention saying it was too close to the fence line e. denise called the zoning official and asked for a delay. >> i said there was nothing i can do. my husband is deployed. what am i going to do? he said he would just talk to a supervisor and see if we can delay action on it and he did. >>or friday the family got a court summons saying the tree house has to be moved or torn down and has 21 days to comply. this is the second time a military family has been in a zoning scrape in fairfax county. last month there was a ground swell of outrage from the neighbors. an iraqi war veteran finally won permission to keep his tree house standing after the second try for a zoning variance. the family is hoping for the same out come. >> it is very frustrating. the kids love it and this is something we did, but i don't know how you move four live trees and salvage this. >> worry moving the tree house out of the question, they contacteda know attorney in the hopes that fairfax county might change its mind. in springfield, jane watrel, news 4. >>
. in prince george's county, the mid 40s. it's in the low to mid 40s in fairfax county, as well as much of southern maryland, the northern neck and eastern show. right near the waters, it's near 50 degrees. and there's the view from space. we are getting a few breaks in the clouds over the central and southern shenandoah valley. they're see something predawn stars in the sky. and later today, we ought to get some of that clearing here, too, locally by later this morning. sunshine breaking out. we'll still be in the 40s through much of the morning. quickly climbing into the 50s this afternoon with lots of sunshine. the fog should be dissipating by about 9:00 this morning. sunrise at 7:21. sunset at 5:20. a look at the evening planner at 6:11. how's traffic? >>> picking up steam on i-95 in virginia. if you're heading northbound, starting to slow around lorton road. and the delays continue as you make your way past fairfax county parkway. at backlick road, you see volume is increasing. so far you still have a good travel speed if you're hitting the roadways now. i can tell you from the occ
quarter of fairfax county has been identified. 23-year-old was found monday morning by two fishermen. the chief medical examiner trying to figure out how he died. >>> in the district today, council chairman kwame brown hinted that he is preparing for the possibility that harry thomas jr. might be unable to do his job or might even resign. brown told reporters that residence of ward 5 in his words are going to be taken care of. despite thomas's legal troubles. >> this thomas investigation has been going on for months and sources say it could be nearing an end. >> my integrity -- >> reporter: the ward 5 councilmember thomas has struggled to combat allegations he misspent more than $300,000 in city furnds on his own lavish lifestyle. the investigation began earlier last year when d.c. attorney general irving nathan got thomas to agree to repay $300,000. but without admitting legal wrongdoing. last december 2, federal agents swarmed over the house in northeast washington, spending much of the day there hauling away expensive vehicles. and other items. now several sources tell nbc 4 that
to route 1. i'll give you a look at the occoquan. volume is heavy here. delays towards lordton. fairfax county parkway, you will hit the brakes a bit. hov just opened so that's clearing some congestion. travel speed, about 58 miles per hour. joe and eun, back to you. >>> today a former marine is expected to enter a guilty plea related to charges he fired shots at the pentagon and the marine corps museum. yonathan melaku was connected to shootings at several military installations in the fall of 2010 and a cash of car break-ins. melaku pled guilty to the break ins and served six months in jail. if convicted in the military building shootings, he faces a minimum of 35 years in federal prison and a maximum of a life sentence. >>> big changes are come together pentagon. secretary of defense leon panetta will announce major budget cuts today. it's part of the president's plan to restructure the mill fair. as many as 80,000 soldiers will be cut and multiple combat brigades will either be dissolved or reassigned. 30 older model drones will be grounded and the air force will not buy new models
's cold, down into the teens in montgomery and fairfax county. mid 20s in washington. it's just in the upper teens now in prince george's, charles, calvert, st. mary's and anne arundel. it's in the teens throughout most of virginia, maryland, west virginia, the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. a few high clouds drifting in from the west. they will be with us this morning. a lot of sun this morning. sunrise 7:24. by noontime, upper 30s. increasing clouds this afternoon with a high reaching the low 40s. a look at evening planner in ten minutes. here's a look at traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. traveling southbound, i-270 at route 109, report of an accident. i'm seeing delays at this time. out of urbana, your slow. route 180, you're jammed making your way to route 109. traveling at father hurley boulevard, heading to the spur a bit of congestion heading through rockville. no major delays yet. traveling 66 westbound at cub run -- east way towards route 28, possible accident. there i'm sending the chopper there now to check things out. i'm back in ten minutes with an
. that indicates where the heaviest rain. from dc to the south down to i- 95 to fairfax-- there's a fairly sharp cutoff of any snow that will try to accumulate to dc. frederick county, harold county, places like that, really not much is going on. something else we can do, we can colorize it for you. the reds indicating the heaviest snow bans are. and basically look right south of the city there. and that's where potentially we're getting snow, maybe an inch or two an hour in that red area. quickly over temperatures. right in the city, the temperatures fluctuating between 33 and 34. some slippery roadways, potential down to the south for fairfax. we have some reports of maybe a little light snow covering the roadways from menaceis. it looks like the back side will be an hour, hour and a half before it gets to the district. we will be gorgeous again. real nice weather coming. hard to believe we were close to 70 degrees on saturday. it's been that kind of winter. >> it's been a little crazy. thanks, gary. >>> we're following breaking news out of prince georgia county. former army soldier is accused
, this is the view at fairfax county heading north. no issues. travel lanes are open. looking good also on 395. in fact, clear across the 14th street bridge. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic. joe and eun, back to you. >> thanks. >>> president obama is putting the final touches on his third state of the union address. with his re-election campaign underway, the speech will focus on the economy. he'll also touch on manufacturing, clean energy, education, and american values. as one of her last acts as a member of congress, gabrielle giffords along with her husband mark kelly will watch the speech from the first lady's box. indiana governor mitch daniels will deliver the gop response. herman cain will deliver the tea party's response. you can watch the state of the union address tonight at 9:00 right here on nbc 4. >>> this morning we're getting a first look at the finances of mitt romney as he tries to stay ahead in the gop nomination race after this weekend's defeat in south carolina. the former governor released his 2010 tax returns just after midnight. they show that
and around the shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, near 40 degrees. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties, most locations there in the low to mid 40s. look at the latest wind gusts we've had. they have been gusting over 30 miles per hour and will continue to do so through the morning hours. the windchills now down into the low to mid 30s throughout much of the region, 20s farther west. over the last 12 hours, we've had the sky clearing after we had the rain yesterday. still quite a bit of cloudiness over the shenandoah valley and into the mountains this morning. here's your day planner -- sunrise at 7:24. might get to the low 40s briefly around noontime. the winds will diminish this afternoon. clouds building, and we'll be back down into the 30s by late afternoon. what a contrast to yesterday's near 60-degree temperatures. in fact, it was around 60 when you went to bed last night. it's dropped dramatically overnight. a look at your evening planner in ten minutes. here's traffic on this wednesday. good morning. >>> good morning. so far area looks really good if yo
lightning around the district and portions of fairfax and montgomery county right around 8:00 this morning. it was a really, really interesting weather day because we started off with temperatures into the 60s and even the 70s. right now no rain out there. we're talking about a temperature of 49 degrees. winds gusting to 25 miles an hour. some areas have seen gusts to 45 miles an hour. i'll show you what comes next though as a rollercoaster continues. >> thanks, doug. >>> a teenager died today. he was stabbed last night and then collapsed inside a recreation center in northwest d.c. his name is delontre williams, 19 years old, lived in northwest d.c. he was killed last night. d.c. police say the stabbing happened in the 1500 block of 7th street northwest. the kennedy recreation center is a block away. nobody has yet been arrested. >>> former prince george's county executive jack johnson is unlikely to ever practice law again. today maryland's highest court disbarred him. johnson served as the top prosecutor in prince george's county before he was elected county executive. he was nearing th
section of fairfax county. the fire damaged part of the second floor and the roof of the single-family home. everyone was able to make it out safely. the cause remains under investigations. >>> the national parks service says it's going to begin enforcing its no-camping rule for occupy d.c. protesters in mcpherson square soon. we checked, though, and people were still camped out last night. occupy d.c. demonstrators have been camping out there since october. a spokesman for the u.s. parks says that the park police will begin encouraging the protesters to sleep elsewhere, and they say anyone who ignores the warning risks getting arrested or cited. >>> 6:05. ahead at 6:20, how the solar storm, dramatic pictures here, are forcing airlines to change their plans. >>> and next, right after the break, local firefighters help in >>> a man who was stuck in a cave for nearly four hours in washington county, maryland, is free. emergency crews rescued him last night. the man was hiking with a group in the clear spring area when he slipped, and his legs got wedged between rocks about 200 fee
are pretty cold. in the mid 30s in montgomery, fairfax, and loudoun county and montgomery county up into howard and frederick county. some locations below freezing. around 40 near the beltway. the bay, mid 40s. throughout much of virginia, it is all above freezing, though, mid to upper 30s. panhandle of west virginia, a few places near the freezing mark. here's the view from space over the last 12 hours. a few wispy, high clouds coming into the mountains. those will be with us from time to time this morning. here's your day planner. sunrise at 7:16. and it will be a mostly sunny morning, high clouds coming in. then by noontime, partly cloudy and temperatures by then to the 60s. we ought to hit the mid to upper 60s for a brief time around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 or so. by 5:00, it will turn cooler. then this evening, we'll cool down again. a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. here's traffic on this tuesday. good morning. >>> good morning, our area is still looking really good. volume, not bad. and i'm not definitely seeing any accidents at this time. taking the trip on i-95, coming
's county, arlington, and fairfax counties. virginia, west virginia, maryland, at or above freezing except the bay waters and tidal potomac. we did have flurries passing north of washington. those have dissipated. now a few clouds are coming through. we'll have sunshine this morning. but this evening a winter storm watch for tonight into saturday. all the counties in color including northern shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, western maryland could get snow, sleet, and icing that could cause travel problems out there this evening. but locally the impacts will be minimal. sunrise at 7:23. here's your day planner -- sunshine, then cloudy this afternoon with highs reaching upper 30s. tonight is when the wintry mix may impact the metro area. we'll look at the planner in ten minutes. danally has traffic for friday morning. >>> good morning, have an early morning crash, southbound route 5 as you approach allentown road. police are on the scene as well as the fire department. use caution. taking the beltway in prince george's county, looks really good at central avenue. light volume a
on 66 inside or outside the beltway. delays around lorton continue toward fairfax county parkway. traveling southbound on i-95, busy but no major delays or accidents at this time. taking the green line on metro, have a problem at southern avenue, metro station. a malfunction causing delays on the green line as you make your way toward branch avenue on the metro. back to you. >>> a new poll shows mitt romney holds a commanding lead in new hampshire one day before the primary. 35% of voters support the former massachusetts governor. ron paul is coming on strong with 20% followed by jon huntsman with 11%, and newt gingrich losing support with just 9% of the expected vote. nbc's tracie potts is in manchester, new hampshire, ahead of the primary and has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning. good morning, everyone. looks like about four out of five voters here have already made up their minds the day before this primary. romney has a commanding lead, almost 20 points on average. when you look at the recent polls, almost ten points nationally. 20, double that, here in
at this. and 30 in winchester, 30 in fairfax, manassas. there are a few lonesome raindrops to the west of hagerstown and a little bit more coming your way late in the weekend. the majority is looking on the dry side. here's your saturday planner. it will be mild, 10 degrees above average. highs in the mid-50s. a little cooler as well. i'd say 85% of your weekend is looking dry and pleasant. >> all right. >> all right. >> thank you, chuck. today, president obama's re-election campaign opens its main office in virginia. organizing for america's virginia headquarters will be in richmond, it has other offices in fairfax and newport news and a fourth office next week in st. petersburg. president obama won virginia by more than 6% in 2008. >>> mitt romney is using every resource to try to win over the piv pivotal hispanic vote. yesterday, his son introduced him to an hispanic conference. he introduced him in spanish. romney is attempting to brand himself as pro immigration after being attacked for being anti-immigrant at thursday's debate. >> we are not anti-immigrant, not anti-immigration.
in fairfax county and join the cast of the nickelodeon show "i, carly." mrs. obama will promote an upcoming episode. >>> tonight it's the battle of the badges at the capitol sports complex in district heights, maryland, a basketball tournament pitting local police departments against each other. 6:00 tonight with the secret service versus somebody who's not so local. the nypd. >>> the national zoo is beginning the process to separate its pride of lions, the seven 18-month-old cubs will be removed from their mother and father. if you want to see them now is the time. >>> this might be the beginning of the end of the occupy d.c. protests in mcpherson square. >> mayor gray is asking the park police to clear out the square. he says it's unsanitary. >> delia goncalves is live at the square. she has reactions from both sides this morning. delia, good morning. >> reporter: good morning mike, jessica. you know we're still waiting this morning on word from the national park service as to what they're going to do and how they're going to respond to the major's letser but the mayor made his opinion qu
on the curb by 7:00 a.m. by saturday, the 14th. if you live in fairfax county, and have county trash pick-up, put your tree on the curb on the first two week of january. if you use a private trash service, call your company for instructions. in article county, trees will be picked up the first two week of jab. january 3 through the 16th. put your tree on the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your regular trash collection day. loud oun county residents can recycle now through january 19th at the following locations. the landfill in leesburg, the loftsville protective association, franklin park, south riding town hall and claude moorpark. if you live in prince william county of baltimore, take your greenery to the prince william county cull post facility in manassas. or the prince william county landfill in manassas. the city of alexandria will collect on two saturdays in january. january 14th and the 21st. pick-up is curbside only and the tree must be there by 7:00 a.m. montgomery county is recycling christmas trees until february 3rd. put your tree at the curb by 7:00 a.m. and in prince george's count
, centreville 1 inch, fairfax 1 inch. generally across fairfax we saw about an inch of snow. national airport reported a little over 1/2-inch and dulles reported 1/2-inch of snow. importantly with temperatures tonight they've been holding fairly steady. temperatures come up in town to 35 degrees, dulles up on over freezing, manassas up over freezing. once the skies partially clear tonight, we'll get below freezing. so there could be a few slippery spots, would not surprise me to see a couple delays, can't imagine that we'll have any cancellations. go to bed. >> i was going to say do your homework and go to bed because you're going to school tomorrow. >> i think. so. >>> you mentioned about an inch in fairfax. wisdom martin has been out in fairfax county since the flakes started falling. what's it like out there right now? reporter: it's not too bad right now. after a couple days of good weather today the snow actually started to fall and you can look here on the ground in the grass. you can see there's just enough snow still remaining to cover the ground. this is really not that big of deal
the freezing mark to near 30 degrees. fairfax, loudoun, prince william, fauquier, stafford and spotsylvania. southern maryland, prince george's county, charles, calvert, st. mary's, many locations there near the freezing mark. watch out, there could be icy spots. all this melting by mid morning, fog dissipating by then, too. and maybe some light to moderate rain into the afternoon as we climb into the upper 40s to near 50. and we'll look at your evening planner in ten minutes. here's traffic. good morning. >>> good morning. traveling in d.c. right now, fire activity is shutting down 14th street, between irving northwest and park road northwest. please use calling in the area. taking the beltway, the inner loop trying to get on the ramp to westbound 202 now. that ramp is shut down due to low-hanging wires. and if you're traveling on i-66, still seeing fog in the area. looking a lot better at fairfax county parkway. i'll give you a travel speed because even though your volume's increasing, you still have a good speed of 62 miles per hour. not bad at all. and if you are on i-95, looking good,
. and these are the other temperatures around. it's just near 40 in montgomery county. arlington and fairfax counties, low 40s now. mid 40s in much of prince george's county. and these are the latest wind gusts. gusts to 30 to 35 miles per hour common around the region. just had a gust at reagan national to 35 miles per hour. and here's the view from space. the sky's cleared a bit, and we've got clouds off to the west of the metro area and south and east of the metro area. a few sprinkles lingering in the northern neck. drying out there as the day progresses as well as the rest of the region, gusty winds with us, diminishing this afternoon. highs reaching low 40s around noontime. 30s by late afternoon. around sunset. even colder tonight. we'll look at the evening planner in ten minutes. here's traffic. good morning, danella. >>> good morning. not seeing any issues around the beltway if you're making that trip this morning. nothing but a lot of green for you, even on 66 inside the beltway. you're in the clear. traveling along route 50. i'll give you a live look now. at 424 davidsonville road, had a big acc
much of northern virginia including fairfax county. in the mid to upper 20s there. and closer to washington, southern montgomery county and arlington, right now the mid 30s. and it's just near 30 degrees in prince george's county, charles, calvert, st. mary's, anne arundel. many locations there are near freezing, as well as the eastern shore. shenandoah valley into the mountains and much of the rural area in maryland and virginia are down to near 30 degrees, in the mid 30s under the cloud cover further to the north and west. these clouds will begin to close in by later this afternoon. zeal some sunshine this morning. here's your day planner. sunrise at 7:20. clouding up during the afternoon. we ought to warm to the upper 40s, briefly near 50 areas south of washington. here's your evening planner coming up. that's at 5:11. here's traffic. good morning, danella. >>> good morning. traveling on i-66, seeing a lot of green in the area. that means no big problems as you're making your commute. we'll take a live look at fairfax county parkway. on i-66 eastbound, travel lanes are open
george's counties -- fairfax, prince george's counties, low 40s in the west and north. most locations above freezing. near 50 in parts of southern maryland, northern neck, and lower eastern shore. we have low clouds lingering along with the patchy fog. clouds should break up as the day progresses. sunrise at 7:21. mid to upper 40s and holding steady mid morning. climbing to around 50 by noontime. actually hit mid 50s by mid-afternoon. maybe even warmer than that in virginia with lots of sunshine. and then tonight under a clear sky, down to the low 40s by midnight tonight. a look at big changes on the way. could get more rain later this week. we'll look at that in ten minutes. danella? >>> looking nice in the area if you're traveling route 50 making your way from the beltway heading out to the bowie area. seeing green in both directions. no delays and not seeing any accidents at this time. a live look at 301 again, travel lanes are open. i'll give you a travel speed for you here making your way westbound on route 50 heading from 301 to the beltway. you're at 66 miles per hour. and if y
the man barricaded himself inside a car at the top of the fairfax county courthouse parking garage. investigators say he claimed to have weapons and threatened to hurt himself. officers swarmed in, blocking off roads and letting no one in the area. police negotiators were called in to help talk the man out. >> the negotiators were able to convince the subject to surrender, which he did. and so, i'm happy to say that there are no injuries to him or to any of the participating officers. >> police say they also called in a bomb squad to check out the man's car. detectives have not said if they found any weapons. it is not clear if the man will face any charges. >>> the police say a car going the wrong way caused a crash that killed four people in anne arundel county. we first told you about this accident yesterday morning. it happened on route 50 near davidsonville road. police say a car with three people in it was going westbound on route 50 and hit another driver head on. one of the cars caught fire. two 18-year-olds, breanna franco and zachary rose, were killed, along with 19-year-
, montgomery, arlington, fairfax county and virginia, maryland, and west virginia. southern maryland, parts of the northern neck, lower eastern shore, a little above freezing, low 30s there. look at the view from space. we've got the cloud cover rapidly approaching us. and the moon that we have bright in the sky is going to be covered up by clouds over the next hour or so. might see a halo around the moon shortly. rain south and west of there now. that will be arriving into the metro area by early this afternoon and continuing into the afternoon and this evening. a chilly rain at that. so have the umbrella handy, you'll need to wear the puffy coat, too. we'll have temperatures only into the low 40s by the time the rain commences. we'll hold steady in the low 40s. and a look at your evening planner. how much longer will rain will last, that will be coming up at 5:11. danella? >>> good morning, traveling i-95, another look at prince william parkway northbound. a tow truck just arrived to the scene of the accident here, in the right shoulder lane. continuing on i-95, i'm not really seeing any
of washington, in fairfax, arlington, montgomery counties, in the mid to upper 30s to near 40. reagan national at 40 degrees. it's near 40 in prince george's county. and much of southern maryland near the bay, in the low 40s as well as the northern neck and eastern shore. many locations are in the upper 30s. we're above freezing about everywhere. leesburg at the freezing mark, a little below freezing in frederick. and elsewhere, though, all above freezing, in the 40s to upper 30s, shenandoah valley, and out of the mountains, milder. it's already hit the 50s there. we have some high clouds, though, drifting in from the west. they'll be with us this morning through midday. and that won't stop the temperature from warming up with a persistent southwesterly breeze. we should hit the mid to upper 60s by later this afternoon. and our sunrise at 7:16. sunset at 5:28. a look at the evening planner in ten minutes. here's traffic. good morning, danella. >>> good morning. chopper 4 is live over i-270 at 370 southbound. the taillights getting just a little busy. are you going to see the bulk of your volum
are in the mid to upper 20s. a frosty cold start. prince george's county, fairfax, arlington, and montgomery counties in the upper 20s to near 30. it's frosty cold from the mountains, shenandoah valley, and points east. we do have clouds on the increase coming from the south and west. a clear sky over northern virginia. the district and most of maryland. it's cloudy south of the northern virginia area and raining where you see the green and yellow. southwestern virginia, into the carolinas and across kentucky, that is advancing our way. part of a large area of low pressure that will be moving in. by 9:00, upper 30s and cloudy. low 40s by noontime. may reach perhaps mid 40s by early afternoon. by then we'll have the rain arriving into the metro area. it will be earlier than that, fredericksburg over to charlottesville, culpeper, that area will see the late morning rain coming in. around early afternoon, around the metro area, then the rain continues tonight. temperatures hold steady in the low 40s. some fog as well. we'll have that moderate rain from time to time. it should be tapering off an
with an incident in fairfax county. sherry ly is live on the phone to explain this for us. >> reporter: right now, they've got a very wide area here in southeast d.c. blocked off. they've set up a perimeter around this home. we know it is somewhere in the vicinity of i street, potomac avenue and 13th street in southeast d.c. police are not saying exactly where that home is but they have several blocks around the location barricaded off. we understand this start wade traffic stop in fairfax -- started with a traffic stop in fairfax county at north kingshighway and telegraph road. police ran the tags and discovered that the tags were wanted in a felony arrest. at that point, the suspect took off. they were pursued by fairfax county police. the suspect headed out 295 and ended up just off of the 395 here in this vicinity of southeast d.c. the suspect is barricaded inside a home from what we understand. we don't know if there is anybody else inside this home or what this home is in relation to the suspect. police are not telling us if this suspect is armed, if anybody is being held hostage. what we d
role in our national security. fairfax county is frying to lure the fbi out of the nation's capital. jane watrell reports. >> reporter: a concrete fortress at ninth and pennsylvania. the fbi has been headquartered here for four decades. but the g-men have outgrown the building and must relocate. fairfax county is rolling out the welcome mat. supervisor jeff mckay, pitching the 70 acre warehouse site yard from the station. >> i have a dinosaur of a warehouse next to a regional center. >> fairfax county officials know this is very early in the game. that's because trying to get the fbi to relocate its headquarters from 9th to pennsylvania out to the virginia suburbs isn't a slam dunk. this warehouse site out in springfield has been pitched before, by fairfax county officials, to the base realignment and closure commission. several years ago it was rejected. even though this site is owned by the federal government. instead, the folks chose to relocate the workers, defense department workers to the mark center. at metro there are mix read actions. >> i don't know what it is going to do
the district of columbia, montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties. this is in effect until 9:00 this morning. we have light, freezing rain coming into eastern west virginia from the west. elsewhere, just a little bit of light freezing drizzle, about 30 miles west and north of washington. temperatures are at or below freezing. closer to washington, inside the beltway, near the freezing mark. reagan national is at 33. in southern maryland near the bay, northern neck eastern shore, those locations, many locations are a little above freezing. we'll have this patchy fog around with us, too, this morning through mid morning. and then we'll have a little bit of light rain. by then, temperatures above freezing. then some light to moderate rain, maybe even briefly heavy during the afternoon with some thunder and lightning as we reach the upper 40s. briefly near 50. mainly to the south. then we'll hold steady in the 40s through the evening as the rain diminishes, just as drizzle by mid evening. a look at changes on the way for tuesday, the rest of the week and the weekend in ten minu
, montgomery, arlington, fairfax, howard county, around baltimore. further south down interstate 95, stafford to spotsylvania, it's raining harder. that's going to be moving into the metro area over the next few hours. there's going to be wet pavement. right now, la plata, 61 degrees. pax river, 63. fredericksburg at 64. culpeper, 64. and some of that mild air is going to be coming up our way. farther west and north, it's only in the 30s. frederick, hagerstown, upper 30s. quite a contrast in temperatures around the region. here's your day planner -- big changes on the way, hovering in the 50s to around 60 through the morning hours. some passing showers. then getting windy as we clear out this afternoon, down to the low 50s by 5:00. then much colder tonight, we'll look at the evening planner in ten minutes. here's traffic for friday morning. good morning. >>> good morning, checking our roadways, i'm not really seeing any issues and travel speeds really good at this time if you're ready to hit the road. traveling westbound 50 making your way from 301 to the beltway, you're at 66 miles per hour.
you. while we talk about the weather, a lot of questions tonight from parents in fairfax county. many wanted to know why public school officials made the decision to start on time, even though the federal government had a two-hour weather delay. jackie benson joins us live from burke, virginia with more on this. jackie. >> reporter: aaron, parents know it's usually the other way around. the school system delays, and the federal government starts on time. but that is changing. even though the anticipated bad weather did not materialize as expected, the federal government was widely praised for its decision to err on the side of caution with a two-hour delay to the monday workday. so why ask parents in a local jurisdiction heavily populated with federal workers didn't fairfax public schools follow suit. >> it's ironic how the government had a three, four-hour delay and fairfax county didn't and prince william did. it was a little strange. >> i was a little surprised. i was watching the news early in the morning to see who was delayed and who wasn't, and i kind of -- i think the decision
of the warm spots. elsewhere, we're down near the freezing mark in fairfax, arlington, prince george's counties. we'll have quite a bit of sunshine this morning. let's take a look now. there is the jefferson memorial on the bank of the potomac river. we have dry pavement around under this clear sky. now 39 at reagan national. we've got a north/northwesterly breeze. and that's going to continue to bring in cooler weather than we had yesterday. what a dreamy day it was yesterday. and now we are down into the 20s across parts of northern virginia and in fairfax county now. it is near the freezing mark. in montgomery county now, the mid to upper 30s. in the low to mid 30s in prince george's county. much of southern maryland and near the bay, near freezing this morning, as well as the shenandoah valley and out in the mountains. here's the view if space over the last 12 hours. we've had a mostly clear sky. did not see the aurora here, but it was visible and very bright to our north. we'll show you some of those images coming up. sunrise will be at 7:20. we will have sunshine this morning.
of virginia, west virginia, and maryland. it's down into the 20s across much of virginia, including fairfax, loudoun, prince william, fauquier, down toward stafford and spotsylvania, too, and near culpeper. and farther north and west, we've had a few clouds coming through with flurries, temperatures there are around the freezing mark to a little above freezing in montgomery county and prince george's county. parts of southern maryland, though, are near the freezing mark as well as the northern neck. eastern shore in the 30s. over last 12 hours, we did have a few flurries passing north of the metro area. now we have a few clouds that are drifting in. and there is a winter storm watch out. all the counties in blue. and a winter storm warning farther west for accommodation of snow, sleet, and ice beginning tonight, around 9:00, 10:00, maybe continuing into saturday morning. we might even have freezing rain tomorrow morning. here's the day planner for this friday. we'll have sunshine this morning. sun rise at 7:23. then we'll have increasing clouds again this afternoon, similar to yesterday. an
prompted the massive search. it included 40 uniformed soldiers. the coast guard, and fairfax county emergency teams. >> there are guards out here in fairfax county. they are trying to help. >> no dogs. just them walking and keeping an eye on the search. >> keep an eye out. >> for what? >> for blond haired lady, short hair. >> a team of five was seen searching just outside fort belvoir a few miles south of mt. vernon. one of the searchers spotted her around 2:00 just walking on the base. she has since been reunited with her husband and is in a local hospital being evaluated. peggy fox, 9news now. >> officials are working on an official press release concerning the safe discovery of heather. until then, all they are saying is the outpouring of community support was touching. there has been a grim discovery in fairfax county. the body of an adult man was found at the belle haven marina just after 9:00 this morning. two recreational boaters made this discovery. no word yet on how the man died or his identity. police are awaiting the results of an autopsy to get those answers. >>>
for a new fairfax county executive. braddock district supervisor john c. cook will hold a town hall meeting tonight. he will have a chance to weigh in and ask questions about the nationwide search for a new executive. the current executive, anthony griffin, steps down from his post in april. tonight's meeting is being held at the kings park library at 9000 burke lake road in burke. it all begins at 7:30 p.m. >>> honors today for montgomery county police officer. edward paden jr. was recognized for his actions during the 2010 hostage situation at the discovery network headquarters. paden was off-duty when a gunman stormed the building in silver spring. he went into the building and put himself in a position where he served as the eyes and ears of the s.w.a.t. team who later took down the gunman and freed the hostages. we'll have more on this story coming up during 9news now beginning at 5:00 p.m. >> come on, bud. >>> a search and rescue dog has been reunited with his handler. 3-year-old vito ran off last week during an open field training, size at white marsh park in bowie, maryland. vito wa
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